Get to know about Calvary Deliverance

Calvary Deliverance Christian Assembly is an International Non-Denominational Church with branches in the Bronx and New Jersey. We believe the Bible is the Authentic word of God and that Jesus is the true and only Son of the most God and in every fellowship we praise his name. The word of God is preached in Word and Power.

Sunday Gatherings

On Sundays we have two services going on, One at 11 am to 1:30 pm and the other from 7 pm to 9 pm. Since we are Jesus believing Church, our whole service is centered on lifting that name of Jesus through the preaching of the word and participating in worship and praises. Also we firmly believe that the Holy Spirit of God, which Jesus sent to the church when he ascended into heaven, is at work today, and that the spirit manifest in diverse ways to deliver the people of God and those whom the Spirit pleases to touch.


Our Sunday morning and Evening services can be attended at our church auditorium at the address below, 737 Concourse Village W, Bronx, NY 10451, USA.

Common Questions

As Jesus believing church our main focus is on Jesus who was born of virgin by the power of the God through his Holy Spirit. To us without Jesus being the Son of God, the church is no more a place of salvation.
We believe vehemently that the Bible contains the word of God and that Jesus was and is the word of God in the flesh.
Yes. As a church we believe in the Unmerited and Undeserved Favor of God which is the Grace of God. But we don’t use the Grace of God as an excuse to sin. By believing in the Grace of God we are striving with that same grace to live a life worthy of the Son of God; Jesus Christ our Lord.

What to expect

Expectations? There is absolutely nothing more to expect than a fellowship with other brothers and sisters to worship, praise and listen to word of the creator. It is a moment where every believer in Christ Jesus is fulfilled and rejuvenated to face a world that is fading away a day at a time.

Get connected

We hope we have answered some basic questions for you. If so then get connected by Visiting us on one of our meeting days, whether online or in person. We have a great social media platform which you can have a glimpse of our church family. God bless you for passing by, Shalom, Peace.